Homeward Bound

The Litter Mermaid is going home. After a 25 day camping road trip from Miami to Boston I have run out of money, and not gotten a job. I have seen beautiful places and had fascinating conversations. The trip has been an interesting discovery of this great country, and the differences in ideals, personalities, and … Continue reading Homeward Bound

Microplastics in Sediment

The newest wave of research indicates that huge quantities of plastic, especially microplastic has collected in marine sediments...whether it be in the sands of your local beach, or mud cored from the deep. But how do scientists extract these plastics in order to quantify them? The process is more complex than you might think. When … Continue reading Microplastics in Sediment

Is living on a plastic planet a bad thing? … Umm.. YES!

Yes, living on a plastic planet is a bad thing. An article, published by Plastic's Today is responding to the publicity generated by the recent report that quantified all of plastic ever produced globally. The tone was exactly what you would expect from a website called "Plastic's Today". That being said, the arguments made are … Continue reading Is living on a plastic planet a bad thing? … Umm.. YES!


Plastic pollution shows up in places that still surprises me. The obvious things like bags, bottles and straws are being combatted openly across the world. But somethings still catch me by surprise, either as their litter potential, or the very fact that they are plastic, and I've never really thought about it. An article in … Continue reading Glitter

The Litter Mermaid in DC

Yesterday I had the pleasure of kayaking on the Potomac River. It is always nice to be on the water. I got sunburned, and there wasn't a lot of wildlife (CA & FL have spoiled me when it comes to wildlife), but it was a different view of the city. Almost instantly though I got … Continue reading The Litter Mermaid in DC

Plastic Display – National Museum of Natural History

I went to the National Museum of Natural History for the first time yesterday. Spent 7 hours wandering the halls, marveling at skeletons, and jewels and butterflies. The museum had a small display on marine litter. I would have loved something bigger, but seeing as they have to house a ridiculous amount of information in … Continue reading Plastic Display – National Museum of Natural History

8,300 Million Tons of Plastic Produced

A recent report calculated that total amount of virgin plastic ever produced to be about 8,300 million tons, more than half of which came was produced in the last 13 years. About 9% of this is properly recycled, and 12% is incinerated, leaving 79% to gather in landfills or pollute the environment. Never before has … Continue reading 8,300 Million Tons of Plastic Produced