Localizing a Global Problem

On Friday, May 5th, the Greenpeace ship Beluga II┬áset off on a journey to investigate plastic pollution on the Scottish shores. The area is home to nesting colonies of gannets, puffins, razorbills, guillemots and shags, along with numerous iconic marine animals. It's not surprising that they found massive amounts of plastic spread ubiquitously around the … Continue reading Localizing a Global Problem

Kayak/SUP Clean Up

On Saturday, I participated in a Kayak/SUP coastal cleanup event with Debris Free Oceans. We left from Crandon Marina and headed through Bear Cut. We stopped at the small beach just on the other side of the bridge. Almost a dozen boats were anchored just off shore. The beach was littered with trash, beer bottles … Continue reading Kayak/SUP Clean Up

Florida’s Ocean & Coastal Economy

There is some controversy surrounding the valuation of nature, or our need to put a dollar amount on the environment as part of conservation. I dislike the notion on an emotional level for two main reasons. 1) How can we really put a price on clean air, or blue skies? and 2) What happens if … Continue reading Florida’s Ocean & Coastal Economy

Balloons & Straws are B.S.

Though I believe in legislation, part of me feels like the need to legislate and ban is driven by peoples inability to refuse the product. This is America. We were built on a free market economy, and the people's power is consumer power. But I feel like we've become complacent. Like we can't be bothered … Continue reading Balloons & Straws are B.S.

Litter in the Deep

Our trash has invaded every nook, cranny and corner of the planet. Recently researchers have begun to recognize that the deep sea is likely a huge sink for marine litter. We know so little about the environment down there as it is, so how can we discern how marine litter is screwing it up? Trash … Continue reading Litter in the Deep

Litter at the Ends of the Earth

Because of the remoteness, and the current movements throughout the Arctic and Antarctic, researchers have long surmised that the plastic load at the poles were minimal, and that most of the ocean's marine litter was concentrated in the five ocean gyres. But a few recent publications have blown these assumptions out of the water. High … Continue reading Litter at the Ends of the Earth

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

We live in a time of "fake news" where the media drives the story more than fact, and omissions, half-truths, and straight up lies dominate. Media outlets take stories from each other, instead of original sources. It is hard to sift through all the noise, and it is easy to believe something you like, and … Continue reading Don’t Believe Everything You Read