Sad Humor


Recent Rescues

I don't get out to do cleanups as often as I used to, or as much as I'd like to. But I work on the water, and am always returning from tours & paddles with trash on my boat. Yesterday I rescued a set of balloons. "Oh Baby..." you're going to grow up in a … Continue reading Recent Rescues

Plastic Conscious Holidays

Christmas is coming. The season of consumerism is upon us. Along with family, friends, and too much food, this time of year inundates us with plastic. The season quickly bring out my inner grinch. I become overwhelmed by the plastic toys, packed in plastic, carried in plastic, and wrapped in plastic, put under a tree, … Continue reading Plastic Conscious Holidays


The report made headlines a few months ago (I've been super busy, and am a little behind). I gawked, cheered a little, and then shook my head. The study reveals that sperm concentration has fallen about 52% between 1973-2011 in Western countries (Western countries were target because of the availability of data). The fertility rates … Continue reading Fertility.

Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere, Even in the water that we drink.

Water. It covers 95% of the surface of the planet, makes up 75% of the human body, and it is full of plastic. Most microplastic research focuses on the impacts of plastic in the environment, in particular, the oceans. But the threat goes far beyond our oceans, and threats to our seafood. A study reported … Continue reading Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere, Even in the water that we drink.

Ocean Plastic Quick Overview

The research and news around marine trash is increasing rapidly, and it can be challenging to keep up with everything that is going on. For a quick review of the latest (last two years or so) breakthroughs, check out The Skimmer: The Latest on Ocean Plastic in Just a Few Minutes. A few highlights from … Continue reading Ocean Plastic Quick Overview