Homeward Bound

The Litter Mermaid is going home.

Me on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

After a 25 day camping road trip from Miami to Boston I have run out of money, and not gotten a job. I have seen beautiful places and had fascinating conversations. The trip has been an interesting discovery of this great country, and the differences in ideals, personalities, and stereotypes. But work is scarce, especially for me, in a field that is so specific. So far it seems there is a lot of talk and interest in marine debris, and not a lot of real, paying action. So I’ve decided if I can’t find the job I want, I’ll figure out how to make the job I want, but the cheapest way to do that is from home where I can make money, live cheap (i.e. free and with my parents) and am surrounded by a mentality that is supportive of environmental protection. So back to California I go.

Blue Ridge Parkway, NC Crab Tree Falls

I am both satisfied and sad about the decision. The truth is that I may have reached some sort of limit. After 25 days alone, sleeping on the ground, showers every 3 or 4 days, laundry only twice, 14 states, it is time to stop moving. At this turning point, continuing to travel (which I am sure I could do. There is plenty more to see) feels like running away from my inability to get work, rather then me seeking some sort of understanding or adventure, and I don’t run away from things. So I’m turning around and facing this head on. Where it will take me, or what happens next, I don’t honestly know. But I’m going to find out.



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