Is living on a plastic planet a bad thing? … Umm.. YES!

Plastic planet

Yes, living on a plastic planet is a bad thing. An article, published by Plastic’s Today is responding to the publicity generated by the recent report that quantified all of plastic ever produced globally.

The tone was exactly what you would expect from a website called “Plastic’s Today”. That being said, the arguments made are worth addressing, because though I don’t agree with them, some important ideas are raised.

  1. It is true that recycling in the US is only 9%, but this doesn’t mean we should disregard it as an option for dealing with plastic trash.
  2. Plastic is visible in the ocean, but the truth is most of it is far off shore, or in the deep, meaning we are not seeing the full extent of the problem, and all marine issues lack the visibility. Glass, metal and cement do pose threats to the environment, but seem to be mostly inert. Maybe someday we will find they are a threat to ocean health, but until that research is done, plastic is still the biggest threat.
  3. I feel like arguing that all of our trash hangs around for in landfills for centuries is not a good argument to be aware of plastic consumption. It seems like a valid argument for increasing consumptive consciousness.
  4. Waste-to-energy is a viable option, and the technology for capturing toxins from burning plastic have come a far way, and are a viable solution. But it is not the only solution, as the article presents it. Of course, it makes sense that the plastic industry wants complete destruction at the end of the product line. Because then there is a constant new demand. Recycling, currently is not working. But that doesn’t mean it can’t work.
  5. There is no doubt that plastic has benefited humanity. I haven’t seen any plastic ban, regulation, legislation or movement claim otherwise. Plastic water bottles makes a ton of sense in a place where there is not clean, drinkable water. Plastic has revolutionized the medical fields, and has made a huge different in the evolution of transportation. But there really isn’t any reason for mass production, single use plastic bags, straws, cups, etc. Everything in moderation.

Plastics, the material is amazing, but it is destroying wildlife, and poisoning the environment and that is not fantastic.

Read the article here


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