Plastic pollution shows up in places that still surprises me. The obvious things like bags, bottles and straws are being combatted openly across the world. But somethings still catch me by surprise, either as their litter potential, or the very fact that they are plastic, and I’ve never really thought about it.

Glitter eyeshadow is one of the most common glitter infused makeup products on the market.

An article in Allure (not normally a source of news for me), brought to my attention a very interesting aspect of plastic pollution I have never considered: glitter. Now I don’t wear much makeup, much less makeup with glitter in it, but apparently it is a common thing, and it represents a source of plastic pollution (however minuscule). Citing the recent ban on microbes in cosmetics, the article discuses the potential pathways glitter enters the environment, and the threat of microplastics. And then they present a solution I have also never considered…biodegradable glitter.

I have written about the complicated nature of biodegradable plastics before, but in brief, most “biodegradable” products require very specific environmental conditions to degrade, and these conditions are not found in the ocean. Still, it is an interesting solution to a plastic problem I had never even considered.

Read the article here




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