Bored? Here’s a way to kill some time, and help fight plastic pollution.

The Plastic Tide Zooniverse

One of the things that is particularly challenging for marine litter is our inability to measure it. All of the data we have comes from boots on the ground, human efforts to collect, and quantify, which given the scope of the problem is full of errors, and not globally comprehensive. And despite satellite coverage of large swaths of ocean, these images are incapable of distinguishing plastic from other oceanic debris.

The Plastic Tide has created an algorithm that identifies plastic debris on beaches from images, but they need our help to teach the program what is trash, and what isn’t. The process is simple, look at a photo, tag trash. It’s that simple.

The prospect of being able to quantify trash on beaches without needing to put people on the ground, picking up, and counting ever piece would be a big step in quantifying and describing the issue, without the needed man power.

Check it out. Tag some trash. Make a difference from anywhere in the world.


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