The Last Straw

The campaign against straws is witty and highly publicized. With tag lines like “The Straw Wars,” and “Straws Suck,” the product basically sets itself up to be ridiculed. I have probably said it before, but every person that I have ever met has learned how to drink out of a cup. So there is really no reason for straws to exist. San Francisco and Berkeley, in California are both proposing local straw bans.

The prevalence and damage done by straws in the environment is irrefutable, and after the video of the turtle with a straw up its nose went viral a few months ago, pressure has only grown.

I love Starbucks. I a contradiction that has plagued me for over a year. The rate of straws, and cups that comes out of the coffee shop is absurd, and though I regularly bring my own cup, and rarely order mixed drinks, as I sit and watch (as I am doing now), it is troubling. Nothing coming out of this shop is recyclable (and I’ve already talked about how difficult recycling is anyways). I respect legislative attempts, but the truth is that I feel like changes have to happen at the corporate level… how do we get Starbucks to care about their plastic footprint? How do we get them (and their customers) to change? There is simply no economic incentive to change how things are being done… it always come back to money =(

Read more about straws here


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