Plastic Pollution worse than Climate Change?

fonte-des-glaces-sablierA recent article caught my attention claiming that plastic pollution was worse than climate change.

There are a number of caveats I feel need to be made before I dissect this comparison. First, the article is published on a web newspaper, so not what I would consider highly credible. Second, it said numerous times that “experts” and “scientists” claim things, but without any verifiable links, or information on who these people were.

That all being said, plastic pollution vs. climate change… is it fair to compare?

Both are certainly global crises, inextricably linked to fossil fuel and consumption, and there are considerable challenges when it comes to solutions. Both threaten human health, food production, and the survival of global wildlife (* though I am particularly interested in plastic in the ocean, plastic litter also negatively impacts terrestrial habitats).

The biggest difference…plastic pollution we can see (at least partially). There is no denying water bottles on the beach, or birds with lighters in their stomachs. Which ultimately leads me to conclude that climate change is still a bigger threat to the planet, because we are bickering about the details whereas there is some serious movement in mitigating, legislation and educating about the threat of plastic in the environment.


Read the article here


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