Nationwide Bag Ban in Kenya

Retailers and manufacturers in Kenya are preparing for the nationwide bag ban to take effect in August. The novel part of the legislation (at least to my knowledge) is that it not only bans use of bags, but will end plastic bag production in the country. National agencies will be canceling permits and licenses for plastic bag manufacturers. I couldn’t find any information on how many plastic bags Kenya produces.

The strange part… the fear now shifts to a black market for plastic bags, and Kenya is expanding monitoring at ports to prevent bags from coming into the country. It seems a little absurd, and I haven’t heard of these concerns anywhere else, but if I had to guess, it’s because of the manufacturers ban.

Meanwhile, the President of the United States is still tweeting about fake news (just putting things into perspective). We might not have a government that will work for us, but the beautiful thing about this country is that we have the freedom to do it ourselves.


Read the UN report here

Read more from Kenya here

Photos from The Guardian here



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