Master Defense

Sunset_5.11.17 7There is nothing quite like having to defend the last 6 months of your life… it’s kind of like a family party where everyone wants to know what you have been doing, and what your plans are for the rest of your life… except you paid a lot of money, and put in a lot of time for this.

I’m anxious, which isn’t really like me. I know I am an excellent public speaker. I know that my committee is proud of what I’ve accomplished. I know I did good work. None of which is making me less anxious.

I don’t know if I’m nervous about the presentation, or the prospect that this is ending. I will have a Masters… and then what? The world is your oyster, or so they say, but I’ve never understood why I would want my world to be an irregularly shaped bivalve. (people really need to stop using marine based idioms with me).

Sure there are prospects. There are hopes and dreams. But right now, there is no future reality. Pack your life back into your car and go… go where? Anywhere you want. But remember, you have no money, and your worth is your education and expertise.


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