Kayak/SUP Clean Up

Trash littered the beach.

On Saturday, I participated in a Kayak/SUP coastal cleanup event with Debris Free Oceans. We left from Crandon Marina and headed through Bear Cut. We stopped at the small beach just on the other side of the bridge. Almost a dozen boats were anchored just off shore. The beach was littered with trash, beer bottles mostly. The frustrating part was that it was very clear this litter had not been there very long, and had not washed in, but had been purposefully left.

It’s not fair to blame the boaters, I just don’t understand the mentality. These were families, out with young children, playing in the water, enjoying the sun. If the people who enjoy the area can’t bother to protect it, than how do we get communities on a watershed, miles from the coastline to care that their trash might end up in the ocean?

Even more frightening…  I discovered a recently hatched turtle nest nearby.


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