Don’t Believe Everything You Read

publix-companyupdate-1490709333397We live in a time of “fake news” where the media drives the story more than fact, and omissions, half-truths, and straight up lies dominate. Media outlets take stories from each other, instead of original sources. It is hard to sift through all the noise, and it is easy to believe something you like, and be critical of something you don’t, and it is possible that both are lies. I try very hard to verify articles before I post about them here.

This is all because of an article I recently read on One Green Planet (not exactly a reputable news site, with an obvious bias, but it’s an ok place to start). The article is called This Publix Just Banned Plastic Bags – What Are Other Supermarkets Waiting For?. It is based on the fact that Publix is phasing out plastic bags in their stores in Coral Gables, FL. And it calls on other grocery stores and chain stores to do the same.

The problem with all of this? Publix isn’t phasing out bags in that store for “the benefit of us all”. The city of Coral Gables just passed a plastic bag ban, and Publix was a major opponent.

Does the framing of Publix as a hero in the plastic bag ban arms race matter? Is it helping or hurting the cause? I have no idea, and maybe a single article on a biased webpage isn’t hurting anything. But it certainly makes me think twice about everything I read.

Read the article here


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