A Little Graduation Anxiety

In a little over a month, I will graduate with a Masters in Marine Conservation. 

I am terrified. 

It’s a hard time to be a scientist, an ecologist, a conservationist. And it’s not like I’ve chosen an easy crisis to combat. Sometimes I fear my passion won’t be enough. Sometimes I fear I will not be enough. Right now I feel like I am nothing more then a girl with and idea, and I’m not sure how to become a woman with a plan. 

But what else is there to do but keep fighting? The planet isn’t going to protect itself. We don’t know what the future holds; maybe we’re not supposed to. What I believe is that this world can be better, and I can make it so. Where that belief takes me…I don’t think it matters. The best I can ask for is that the journey be an adventure. 


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