Toys – A Form of Single-Use Plastic?

An interesting article out of the Huffington Post, looks at the toy industry as a troubling source of plastic.

Plastic toys Photo:

Like all forms of single-use plastics, these toys have a short life span, and even if they are played with for months, or years, they are inevitably destined for the garbage. As a society, we rarely pass down toys to younger generations, the irony, being that despite being made from the most durable material on the planet, they are not made to last. They break, go out of style, or pass a child’s attention span, and end up discarded.

Beyond the single stream implications, plastic toys are probably harming our children. Plastics, as I have talked about before, are filled with harmful chemicals. Chemicals known to cause birth defects, cancer, hormone disruption, etc.

In a culture where gifts are more about giving something, then giving something meaningful, birthday parties, and holidays can be very stressful for me. Often times I walk into a store, and all I see are shelves of plastic destined to be thrown away.


Read the article here


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