Mapping Miami’s Marine Debris – Materials

Basic Distribution Analysis - Materials
A basic distributional analysis shows that materials are distributed very similarly to each other

The second analysis I ran for my project was to see if different materials showed differences in their spatial distribution. I expected to see differences based either on the location of which certain types of items were discarded (a lot of beaches in Miami don’t allow glass containers on the sand), or the difference in mobility based on density (plastic moves better than glass in a current).

Surprisingly, there does not appear to be a clear difference among the materials. The hot spot analysis were also pretty boring. Plastic, fishing gear and paper had no hot spots at all, indicating that they are very evenly dispersed throughout the region. Glass and metal both had a handful of significant locations, but the over all trend was not significant.

Hot Spot - Materials
Hot spot analysis shows that only metal and glass have significant locations, but overall trend among those two items was not significant.

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