Combatting Beach MicroPlastics

From Sea Turtle Forever website

Plastics are everywhere in our environment, and micro plastics are just starting to be understood in terms of their distribution and environmental impact. But most studies done on these tiny floating pieces of plastics are done in the ocean.

Now you might be thinking, duh! Where else are you going to study marine micro plastics? But just as we study marine litter, understanding how micro plastics accumulate onto beaches, and using this as a way to remove them from the system, is important.

From the Sea Turtles Forever website

Sea Turtles Forever, a is a leader in sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica. But their new program Blue Wave, also makes them a leader in microplastic beach cleanups. The contraption doesn’t look like a contraption at all; two sticks with a net between. The net uses some sort of static technology to retain microplastics the size of sand, without keeping the sand. The beautiful thing. It’s simple, emission free and portable. Sea Turtles Forever uses their Microplastic Filtration System to clean up turtle nesting beaches. I wonder what we would find on South Beach.


Visit the Sea Turtle Forever/Blue Wave site here


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