Plastics: The Fossilized Anthropocene

From: Geology In

I have wondered before about what future generations will think when they look back at this time in history. Will my great great grandchildren be snorkeling through the “lost city of Miami”? Will Los Angeles be engulfed in desert sands? I’ve imagined future archeologists excavating land fills and making ridiculous conclusions about us (just as we make about past civilizations). This article has got me wondering all over again.

The discovery of plastiglomerates, basically rocks formed from plastic, sand, basaltic lava and organic debris were discovered on the island of Oahu. Over 200 plastiglomerates were sampled from Kamilo Beach. These rocks are believed to be remnants of campfires, and not volcanic activity. Still, there is the potential that volcanic activity and forest fires along with ubiquity of plastic debris, may be creating these rocks naturally.


Read the article here

Read the Geology In report here


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