This Is What it Means to be Female in the United States

Nobody ever promised me that life would be easy or fair. In fact, my mother crossed the word “easy” out of our dictionary when I was young. Still, I expected (or at least hoped) that my contributions could be equal; especially being born and raised in the United States.

1-globalaverage-768x767.pngEvery year the World Economic Forum releases the Global Gender Gap Report, and Country Profiles. I wasn’t surprised to see that globally, there is a pretty large gender gap. I was surprised to see how the United States measured up.

7-samequalifications-768x768.pngUS women consistently attain higher levels of education (ratio f/m = 1.37) and live longer then men (1.04).  And yet we are paid less for the same work (0.65)  and earn less over all (0.65), and are horribly under represented in politics (0.16). Don’t think I was ignorant on this disparity, I just had never seen the statistics.

The US ranks 45 (out of 144 countries) on the world scale. We are behind the expected European countries, but also countries like Rwanda (ranked 5th), Latvia (18th), Estonia (22nd) and Cuba (27th).

The scariest part though is that we are back sliding. In 2015 we were ranked 26th. 8a-whenwillregions-768x767.pngAs a young, well educated female, I have always felt lucky to have the ability to pursue my education seemingly without gender prejudice. But as I prepare to graduate with my Master’s degree, the realization that this higher degree may not mean as much as I’ve hoped terrifies me.


See the World Economic Forum reports here



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