Why Am I a Marine Conservationist?

Polite people love to ask: why do you love marine conservation? My friends and family, just want to know what made me so weird. My parents can’t figure out how the raised one terrestrial conservationist, and one marine conservationist. Most of the time I don’t have an answer. I don’t have that single triggering memory, that moment when I knew that I loved science, and would spend the rest of my life dedicated to protecting the oceans.

Hexxus – Oil monster from Fern Gully (1992)

Sometimes I blame Fern Gully (1992). If you haven’t seen it, the oil monster alone will make you rethink your fossil fuel consumption, not to mention the tractor cutting down the rainforest, and the plight of the fairies. As a child it was terrifying, had a strong environmental message, and a really stupid/funny bat.

Strangely enough, in my current stress addled brain (we are in the last two weeks of school, and I have a million things I should be doing instead of writing this post) Against All Odds by Phil Collins, comes on my Pandora station and it throws me a memory about a video I watched constantly as a kid. It was about marine animals, it had a little globe mascot with an accent, and the credits rolled to Against All Odds. I remember loving it, watching twice a day, sometimes back to back, if Mom would let me.

I went searching for this unknown video. Other than what I recall above, there isn’t much to go on. But the internet and memory are amazing things. In a few minutes I was watching the opening scenes of National Geographic’s Real Wild Animals: Deep Sea Dive (1994).  Curiosity satiated, I force myself to save the link, and close the tab. There is not enough time to properly indulge in this blast from the past right now. But someday soon I’ll find the time to watch it again, wondering if these 45 minutes changed my life forever.

Watch National Geographic’s Real Wild Animals: Deep Sea Dive here.



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