Volunteering – Ethnicity Gap

As mentioned in a previous post about discrepancies in volunteer demographics, it is noted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that Whites volunteer at high rates than Blacks, Asians and Hispanics (26.4%, 19.3%, 17.9%, and 15.5% respectively).

On a national scale this isn’t necessarily surprising. From the 2015 census, 63.7% of the United States self identifies as White, while 13.3% identify as Black, 5.6% identify as Asian, and 17.6% identify as Hispanic. In Miami-Dade County, 14.4% identify as White, 18.7% as Black, 1.7% as Asian and 66.8% as Hispanic.

Though I don’t have numbers or statistics to support my observations, I am surprised that this trend holds given the extreme ethnic differences in Miami compared to the rest of the country. I won’t speculate beyond the mere observation. There are a lot of variables that are related to willingness and ability to volunteer.


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