Plastic Conscious Living – The Next Step

For those who are beginning their plastic conscious lifestyle, there is often a plateau reached within a few months. You’ve given up all of the obvious sources of single use plastic. You carry with you a reusable water bottle, you never forget your canvas grocery bags, you refuse straws with your drinks, you bring your own mug to the coffee shop (I’ll admit I still struggle with this one. If I am in desperate need of coffee, I am not always thinking clearly enough to remember my mug), you might even carry with you reusable utensils for when you are eating out. If you have taken any (or all) of these steps you should be very proud. If you’ve done these things and want to continue purging your life of plastic, the next step can be challenging. You’ve done all the “easy” steps. Now it’s time to take a closer look at your plastic habit.

The first place to look is your bathroom. Natural food stores often sell unpacked soaps in bulk. See if there is shampoo and conditioner there as well, or give up the habit entirely (I have been washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar for three years now. Saves me lots of money, and lots of plastic containers). Swap your disposable plastic razor for a stainless steel one. Remember the investment will last you a life time, which is much cheaper in the long run (though I know it can be painful in the moment), and remember it is a work in progress. I still struggle with some products including toothpaste, sunscreen, and chapstick.

Don’t try to make big changes to quickly. They often cost a discouraging amount, and deter you from making smaller changes. Look at the things you are discarding on a regular basis and ask yourself. Are there more permanent, less plastic versions out there that I can use instead, and do what you can. Remember, every little bit helps.




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