North Hobie Beach – Surfrider Cleanup

Attended a fabulous clean up this morning run by Surfrider, Miami, on the North side of Hobie Island. The area was a mess. It faces towards downtown, and the cruise ship port which accounted for some of the trash, but it also is a small shaded park front used frequently to drink.

Though there are frequent cleanups at Hobie Beach, most of these occur on the South side.

Downtown from trashy shores
Beautiful view of downtown. If you look close, you can see the litter on the beach.

We collected a total of 2,478 pieces of trash!

The top five items collected were:

  • Plastic Pieces (506)
  • Plastic Bottle Caps (353)
  • Metal Bottle Caps (343)
  • Straws (327)
  • Cigarette Butts (251)

We also found chicken bones and a basket of fruit, indicating some sort of Santeria rituals. Though most of what is left by these rituals could be considered “natural” or at least biodegradable, I don’t think anyone has ever look closely at how these materials might impact the health of the coastline and ocean. My culturally biased opinion would be that they are not great, but who can be sure.




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