Debris Free Ocean@Hobie Beach

The evenings Keg & Klean hosted by Debris Free Ocean and Wynwood Brewery was a fabulous success. The concept is pretty basic… join us on the beach for sunset, and earn your beer by picking up trash. It is always a great hit.

I sorted and logged over 2,000 pieces (~80% of what was collected). The top 5 items:

Sunset in Miami
  • Metal Bottle Caps (650)
  • Plastic Bottle Caps (590)
  • Cigarettes (400)
  • Straws (149)
  • Bottles tied with Utensils (79)

It’s always incredible because if you talk to people on the beach, they don’t tend to think that it’s that dirty. I have heard volunteers at cleanups comment on how clean the beach seems, until you go looking for trash.

I logged over 5,000 pieces of trash in one day! That’s definitely a personal record.



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