Sky News: Five of the Six Biggest Soft Drink Firms use Just 7% Recycled Plastic

A study put out by Greenpeace surveyed all the major soft drink firms and found that despite using 2.16 million tons of plastic, which is 100% recyclable, only reuse 6.6% recycled plastic for their products.

Plastic bottles are among the top item found in beach cleanups globally.

When approached, the companies all pretty much said the same thing… they are dedicated to making plastic bottles recycle able, and they know that litter is a problem.

But that’s really isn’t the point. The PET bottles are already recyclable. The trouble is that they aren’t being recycled. Most still end up in landfills. And even the small percentage that are recycled, most of the reprocessed material is not recycled in a way that makes it possible to become bottles again.

Read the article here




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