Survey-Hobie Island Beach Park

Thanks 4Oceans and The Tropics for organizing a successful cleanup at Hobie Island Beach!  An estimated 320 lbs of trash was removed. That much trash was impossible to sort through properly to upload data. However I did make some interesting observations. As all public beaches, there were lots of bottles (both glass and plastic) and cans, and an insurmountable amount of plastic film (bags, food wrappers, etc). Items that are interesting to me: cigarette tips, mini colada cups, and toothbrushes. Cigarette tips are something that I’ve found a lot of in Coconut Grove. Colada cups I have been surprised by not finding, but I saw at least two dozen picked up this morning. The toothbrushes are an interesting phenomenon that was discovered by the Frost Science Museum on Virginia Key. We are finding a lot of them in Key Biscayne, and not at all sure why. The most interesting things found are likely associated with local Santeria worship.


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